1. Internetpilot's Avatar
    Just registered here, received the confirmation email, clicked on the link, clicked on the initial Login button, and I am currently logged in. However, when I try to Edit my password I just get a blank screen with my username in a larger fonts. There's no other options on that page, but it does show a history that says I've been a member for XX number of minutes.

    I'm rather forum savvy (ran a half dozen or so myself), but it would appear the registration process of this site is broken. Using the latest (non-Beta) version of Firefox on WinXP if that matters.

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
    03-01-2011 05:16 PM
  2. pwkwsfi's Avatar
    I'm registered, but when I try to set up a password using the one-time login link, only my username is show. There are no text fields for login in formation (e-mail or password). I tried this in different browsers and met the same issue.

    Is there a problem with registration at the moment that might resolve later? Maybe the page is bugged because of a new ad. I think this is a problem others might find and merely walk away from.

    Please help. Thanks.
    03-01-2011 05:17 PM
  3. Dieter Bohn's Avatar
    we're fixing some bugs. Sorry for the hassle. You should be able to change your password shortly.
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    03-01-2011 06:03 PM
  4. Dieter Bohn's Avatar
    alright, we should be set now. please let me know if you have further issues.
    03-01-2011 06:30 PM
  5. Internetpilot's Avatar
    Yup, works perfectly now! Thanks! I thought I was going crazy there for a minute or two!
    03-01-2011 07:07 PM
  6. bjordan's Avatar
    I must be missing something. Is there a way to change your password using the "User CP"? When I click the "Edit Email & Password" link it takes me to the AC site and asks me to log in there. I don't see anywhere to change my password.
    04-13-2011 05:55 PM