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    I asked a few questions in the Android Central Forums about a year ago (using my phone), and to start with it only generated the occasional notification (and only in my email inbox). But recently the notifications have been also to my phone, and getting more and more frequent and less and less relevant. I have notification sound on in my phone to alert me to the ones I need to get, and the superfluous ones are very distracting (especially as the phone's standing in as my only computer, until I have time to fix my desktop and notebook).

    I'd like to stop all Android Central notifications except re any forum threads I might subscribe to, but haven't been able to figure out if and how that level of control is possible, despite delving into my site settings. Ideally, I'd like the wanted notifications instantly to my phone (like the current unwanted ones), as well as email. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

    Maybe there's a connection with Messenger; I've had similar problems proliferating recently with that (Chat Heads popping up and obscuring whatever I'm trying to get done on this little screen, etc). But I don''t want to uninstall/stop Messenger altogether, as it's my only way to be alerted to certain relatives etc needing to contact me in a hurry. It's only Android Central's notifications that I've had such trouble controlling.

    Phone is Moto G 2015 3rd gen, Android 6.0.1 (security patch level 1/1/17). I haven't rooted it, and wouId rather not take that risk at this stage, with so much ongoing work in the phone. I use Chrome in it (with Firefox there in case of need). I'm using Nova launcher, in case that's relevant (bit of a mimimalist in case you hadn't guessed!). I haven't been using any other device since before I registered at the forums.

    I find the Desktop/web view versions of websites much easier than the mobile versions, so though I have the Android Central app installed I haven't been using it. (Could that be a clue, maybe?)

    Any solution needing a computer, though possible, would be a lot more time consuming (involving fiddly arrangements to visit a friend some way away).

    I can understand some fairly technical stuff re computers generally (thanks to starting in the 1980s!), (and can of course always look up any unfamiliar terms), and got familiar a year or two ago with my first smartphone, touchscreen and Android device (largely thanks to Android Central), but don't yet have a clue about lower-level Android stuff such as Linux.
    10-27-2017 03:18 PM
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    I managed to cut down the notifications a bit (can't remember how - I was going all over the place!). But they're still coming. They've been from at least 3 different forums in the last 3 days, and I don't have the time to go to each one's forum to find out which forum it is. Whenever I have, I've checked its Tools icon and see the 'Subscribe to this forum' option (so not subscribed to it). They're not among the few Subscribed ones in my profile either, and I'm apparently not 'following' anything.

    Any clues, anyone? (E.g. with the Mototola being the only smartphone I've had, it's annoying to have my work interrupted by being asked how many Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases I have!).
    11-06-2017 03:44 PM

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