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    You win.

    Thrifter popping up in my face on every thread has broken me.

    I can no longer be a member here.

    I have repeatedly made the point in posts that I do not want to be a sponge for advertising. Mobile Nations certainly has the opinion that I should be. I find the Thrifter behavior implemented today to be way over the top and an assault on my sensibilities.

    Thanks to all for the great discussions. I'm out of here.
    @Marcus Adolfsson you should be ashamed of yourself. Your greed to collect ad revenue at all costs is driving your sites into the ground. It's one of the main reasons I quit volunteering, the drive to place ads at the expense of site functionality. I simply can't participate in that.

    Hopefully this straw will break the backs of more camels and you will see a mass exodus.


    I'll be logging out now for the final time and not returning. I have plenty of other time sinks that don't constantly abuse my sensibilities.
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    04-02-2018 02:36 PM
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    One thing that might help for those wanting to stay:

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    04-02-2018 02:41 PM
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    One suggestion that might help: Consider removing ads entirely for all volunteers. I know I've asked for a sub model for reg people like myself, but one of the things I also found most frustrating for the 4-5 years I was volunteering was trying to answer a thread and having the page move so I'm clicking the wrong button or trying to handle an issue and the buttons straight up don't work because of broken ad scripts breaking the page. Reporting the ads to the bad ads thing doesn't actually work. And yes, Thrifter is coming across as spam the way it is implemented.

    If the sub thing isn't happening immently, I'd strongly encourage a cost/benefit analysis of removing 100% of ads from the site for every moderator, ambassador, QA team member, community review team member and possibly even the trusted members.
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    04-02-2018 02:49 PM
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    I don't like it either. Very spammy. Just put a couple of unobtrusive ads on the main page.
    04-06-2018 08:43 AM