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    Hi guys,
    I'm the proud new owner of a Falster 2 smartwatch and I'm slowly starting to like it, however I keep having the same re-occurring issues that I hope some of you guys maybe have a solution for?

    1) Play store have a tendency to bug out on me. Either it refuses to start, search or download an app, when I finally find it in the store - saying I don't have connection(which I clearly have)

    2) Android Pay sounds awesome and takes some time to set up. It's finally been released in my country, but each time I want to use the damn thing, it's been "removed" from the watch. Then I have to go in and find it in setting -> apps -> system. Then I can see it again in my app drawer, but it refuses to work.
    Other times I can't even see it in the Setting so I go to the Play store to find the Android Pay app, which it then tells me I already have, but I need to update it. I then update it only to be told it's not available in my location yet.

    3) Spotify don't launch music on my phone. Sometimes it doesn't even launch at all. I would expect to just be able to launch it on the watch and have it play on my phone, without me having to pull out my phone and launching the Spotify app on the phone first - but maybe that's asking too much?

    - I've tried everything from clearing cache, clearing data of each app involved, to starting and stopping wifi and straight up factory reset.
    - I'm using a One Plus 6T running Android 9.0
    01-20-2019 03:51 PM
  2. filske's Avatar
    So an update to my ticket here.

    1) haven't fixed the bug however I haven't used the store that much either.

    2) So Android Pay was just released in my country some 6 months prior to this ticket. However I apparently should have read the fine print that was hidden somewhere on a subpage deep on Google pages, hidden in a fold out tab, that just because Android Pay is eligible in your country doesn't mean the App is eligible to be used on a watch, only the phone - which is odd if you ask me.

    3) spotify is still janky. Sometimes I'm able to launch the spotify app directly from the watch, but most of the times it has to be running first on my phone or another device on the wifi before it will open.
    02-05-2019 03:55 PM

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