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    I had the stock OS that came with the skyrocket, and I used this guide to update to ICS (UCALC4). Is this the latest version? Does this mean that my phone got rooted? If not can I still root my phone using guides that are meant to root the stock version? Is this a ROM? I heard of the new SkyICS rom which is like ICS but still running on the older version, is this better or worse? Can I install these ROMS on this new UCALC4 update?
    Sorry about all the questions but I am very confused about this process.

    04-22-2012 03:43 PM
  2. turf's Avatar
    I think UCALC was the first leaked ICS for Skyrocket. Since the method you used had an exe to install everything, I can't tell which rom it loaded on your device, but it is a different rom than stock. You must have root, as far as I know, to load a rom like this.

    Since it does not look like this rom (whatever it is) is supported, though, I would go to XDA and get one of them and follow the instructions to download it. Sky ICS is as good as any of the ICS roms. Note that there are two ICS leaks now, UCLC and UCLD. I am not sure if UCLC is the same as UCALC. Many of the roms have versions for each of these. Note that all the UCLD roms I have tried have problems with tethering, if that's a consideration. All the ICS skyrocket roms have a problem with freezes to the point where I ran them for over a month, then recently reverted back to a GB rom and will wait for an official release or at least until these issues are addressed, if that is even possible. But I did put up with the issues for a month since all the ICS roms are screaming fast, the UI is excellent, and they have features that will make you want to stay.

    Note that now some people are worrying if the brick warnings for ICS leaked roms for Samsung phones such as the SGSII and Note might also apply to the skyrocket but I have not seen anyone hard brick their skyrocket yet....
    05-04-2012 01:46 PM