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    Hey guys,
    so i rooted my phone the other day and tried to give cm10 a go tonight. Downloaded everything tonight, checked the md5, followed the directions to install the rom. chose the zip from the sd card and right away cwm popped up saying "bad" and after that all i can do is get into recovery but thats it. I made a nand backup earlier with my latest recovery(cwm6) and tried to reinstall that but cwm keeps saying no file found. This sucks, believe me i read and read to make sure this would go smoothly but no dice. Anyone have any ideas. It appears that my nand of my stock rom is disappeared so i have no idea what to do from there. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks
    08-24-2012 12:38 AM
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    Which instructions did you follow? I had best luck using this:

    That's weird the Android backup won't load, unfortunately I haven't ran into this issue myself and ain't much help. Hopefully someone else chimes in with more info to help out. Another option is ask on XDA since the CM10 post is pretty active.

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    08-24-2012 04:29 AM
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    Can you transfer the zip files to your internal card through the computer? I've installed my Roms from the internal memory with no problems.

    Some more info I found:

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    08-24-2012 04:32 AM
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    Download a new rom on the computer then transfer it onto the phone. In CWM recovery you can transfer files by mounting the SD card to the computer under mounts and storage.
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    08-24-2012 10:07 AM
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    Found a stock tar on xda and flashed it through Odin. It's 4.0.3, but there's only subtle differences. All is good, but thanks for the replies guys. Definitely a couple heart beats skipped and I'm normally pretty cool under pressure. Haha, here we go again.

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    08-25-2012 03:14 AM