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    well hi .. i own a skyrocket from att but i dont have it with me yet probably in a few weeks.. but i always like to install custom roms.
    is there a rom that all features works??? i kind of like slim bean and embryo just by looking at pics and specs but cant really tell if they have bugs....
    am looking for the fastest and performance rom. with all features working.. i used to flash nokias. and they used to tell you that what was optimised and what wanst working... are this roms that i mention faster than stock.. as in nokias the custom roms were pretty fast.. can some shed somelight here... and why is it that cyanogenmod is so popular.???? also i want the most uptodate rom based on jb4.22 i believe its the version..
    thanks in advance....
    07-20-2013 09:56 PM

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