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    Hey guys im either buying a Garmin marq althlete or galaxy watch 46mm LTE. More leaning towards the galaxy because of how customisable it is.

    The main reason im getting it is to use as a watch thats looks cool (hence why looking at the marq althete and captain but they are very expensive)

    I workout at the gym alot. Mostly strength training, and have a physical job so i was gonna have fun and record steps, heartrate, calories burned v02 mac etc if possible

    But the secondary reason i want one is my set up at the gym is;

    Note 9 listening to
    Bluetooth music via spotify with beats solo 3

    Now... when i get a phone call the solo 3 mic is crap, so i need to remove the headphones, run to a quiet area of the gym, TURN BLUETOOTH OFF, then take the call. I have to turn BT off because even if i click to take the call on speaker it keeps trying to switch bluetooth again. On top of this, while this is happening the screen keeps turning off, im guessing the front camera sensor thinks its next to my face? Anyway its annoying, especially when i get 2 or 3 calls while im doing a 1.5 hour gym session.

    After the call is finished i have to resync everything then carry on.

    So if i got a 46mm bluetooth or lte, when a call comes thru does anybody know if it gives you an option to take the call on the watch instead of the phone/headphones? (Ie: 2x bluetooth devices are connected would it let me choose the option?) And if i get the LTE version do both my handset and my phone ring at same time since they have same phone number?
    Then with the lte version i could walk away from my handset, answer it on the watch then just hang up and go on with the workout without having to resync. Or can i do that on the bluetooth version as well provided it was in range?

    Also with the garmin it looks like the resolution is bad, i know GW is 130x130 and looks pretty good. Does anybody have experience with a garmin fenix 5/6 or marq for strength training/crossfit type stuff?

    09-17-2019 01:33 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I moved this from the Wear OS forum to the Non-Wear OS forum, since the Galaxy Watch and Garmins aren't Wear OS.
    09-19-2019 12:13 AM
  3. MarineDawg's Avatar
    Unfortunately when I am at the gym the phone isn't near me but from recollection the phone defaults to the current telephony bluetooth connection. Car, headset, watch only the phone itself if none of those are connected. Those more experienced may have better answers or a solution to your conundrum.
    10-01-2019 03:36 PM

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