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    My background and needs: I am using classic watches for years like Tissot and replicas of IWC and Panerai which are my favorite brands. I am a bit tired of replicas quality that are like lottery, lately I had a broken crown with a brand new one.

    So I am searching for a smart watch not really for fitness like many people do but for the look and quality of faces.

    2 models came in my budget and are pretty sexy: the Huawei GT2 and the Samsung Active 2

    Which model do you recommend me?

    Is there a real life difference between 1.39 and 1.4'' for an astigmatic dude like me? I don't want to put my near sight glasses every time I want to check the time

    I came to this comparison after some research but I still can't decide:


    +Cheaper and more available in my country

    +More classic look

    +Higher resolution screen

    +Awesome battery life

    - Limited apps

    -Limited faces

    -No animated faces?

    Active 2:

    +Cool design

    +Cool scrolling frame

    +Can add apps though I guess there aren't a big choice

    +Better OS/ menus

    +big choice of faces with animations and even sound

    -Weaker battery (2 days max)

    -More expensive

    -Difficult to find in my country due to the economical crisis (Lebanon)

    -Paint! Unless I pay even more for stainless, the aluminum ones are prone to scratches and this is a big negative for me
    01-11-2020 07:13 AM
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    I had a Samsung wear watch last year. Sorry to say but I found the real life battery life was dreadful. A day at most. As a pebble user I was used to 5 plus days. The screen was slow to respond and I personally found the whole experience expensive and a real let down.

    I cant say about the GT2 but do a little research into something like the Amazfit range (check AliExpress) I think they're the same company or a sub brand. Also use the android system.

    Hope this helps
    04-16-2020 05:27 AM

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