1. AC Question's Avatar
    In wiki, I saw snapdragon 820 having higher graphic performance than apple's A9 chip. However, the real world performance in benchmark is usually 25 to 30 fps for SD820 while A9 has average of 50+ fps. Is it because of the resolution or because of software optimization?
    06-13-2016 12:01 PM
  2. nscizor's Avatar
    It's both, like on PCs. Apple has also switched to Metal, their proprietary low overhead API since ~iOS 8 and they use weird resolutions in most models, so the most reliable comparison would be with the 6S Plus that's 1080p. In Android, until Nougat is widely available, the devs have to use the NDK and OpenGL for max performance, but since OpenGL isn't low overhead like Vulkan, there's still a performance hit.
    08-24-2016 01:58 AM

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