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    When I saw the forum post (Nexus One forums) about some surprising souls managing to upgrade the N1 to Froyo, and given that I had the Android SDK already, I started wondering - could I actually complete the round-trip by taking the same system image and running it in the emulator?

    I downloaded the compressed file and put it in the appropriate place (for now); making a mental note on where I put it. Meanwhile, I launched the Android SDK for Windows (which I already had installed) and created a new AVD (Android 2.2, of course); except for it being based on Android 2.2, the rest of the AVD was standard N1 (just for yuks, I added a 1 GB SD card to the AVD mix). One thing I had been noticing; if you put a system image within the AVD, the AVD wil use it *instead* of the generic system images included with the SDK (that is why system images from real phones, that include the Android Market, actually work), so, I extracted the system_emu_image.img file (it's the only one you need) iit inside the freshly-created AVD. Before launching it for the first time, I did have to rename the image file (to system.img); however, that was easy.

    Now to kickstart this Fake FrankenFroyo.

    It works.

    It works just as well (if not better; this *is* 2.2 after all) as any other system image.

    Unfortunately, all the good stuff (like the Market app, of course) is decidedly missing.

    Still, that means that system images can be exported and used (by developers, naturally) for extended testing *without* having to worry about bricking actual phones.

    08-08-2010 03:59 AM
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    You my friend, are a true geek! I say geek in the best light possible.

    This is very cool. I wish I had the time to do this.
    08-09-2010 09:40 PM
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    Being as I already had the Android SDK, the actual work took less than ten minutes (including the file rename and download time) and I did it entirely within Windows 7 x64.
    While the original compressed file includes both the system and recovery images, since the AVD can't use the recovery image, the system image is all you can use, or need.
    08-10-2010 08:35 AM