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    I attempted to Root my HTC Incredible 4G phone and I really screwed things up. The problem arose when I tried to load another ROM. It didn't work and I then began to try to load a lot of other programs with no success. Anyway, this is what I know:

    ** When I boot the phone, I get a white screen that lists "HTC quietly brilliant" and "This build is for development purposes only. Do not distribute...". It stays on this screen for about a minute and then goes to a black screen and freezes there.

    ** When I hold Power button and Volume Down: I get the Bootloader screen, but at first I see that it attempts to load PJ53DIAG and PJ53IMG. Each lists "No Image" or "Wrong Image".

    ** In Bootloader, if I select Recovery with the external SD card in, I get a screen with a small pic of a green arrow and circle and then after a few seconds there's a red triangle with an exclamation over the phone pic.

    ** Nothing happens when I hold down Power button and Volume Up button.

    ** It seems that I can load files on the external SD card.

    ** The phone does not appear in My Computer when connected with a USB (is seen in device mgr though)

    So, is there a way to resolve this? Is there a way to load a new program as recovery, PJ53DIAG.ZIP, OR PJ53IMG.ZIP? What zip would this be?

    This is what info is listed on my bootloader screen:

    Aug 1 2012, 12:05:25

    I really hope there is a pro out there that can help me get out of this mess!!!!!!!!
    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

    09-20-2013 03:29 PM

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