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    Hy for all members!

    My name is Paul Echols, i am the leader of the Calhoot project, we are almost done but we need $26000 to complete the develpoment, so we started a fundraising campaign on the web.
    First of all please read a short description about the Calhoot :

    Don’t have anything to do tonight? New in town? Planning an event? Calhoot aims to connect you to events within your community or the community to your events.

    Many people have multiple calendars on Facebook, iCal, Google, wall calendars, etc. Calhoot can help you create, personalize, and organize all of these calendars in one place so that you can access everything just about anywhere.

    The app also allows you to organize your events among the separate calendars. Put your business meetings on your work calendar and the next big show of your favorite venue on another.

    Let’s say you own a music venue or you are hosting a grand opening of your new coffee shop with discounts on lattes. You can use Calhoot to spread the word. Maybe you are in a ‘Members Only’ Two-Handed Bowling Club. This app lets you create a private calendar or event that allows you to choose who can see it. Perhaps you just want to invite friends and family over to celebrate your birthday. Invite everyone by sharing your event via Facebook and email.

    We want to give you the opportunity to experience for yourself what is going on around you, whether they may be things you love to do or things you’ve never even tried.

    We have just 60 days to reach our goal, so we want to ask everybody to share it on social media, tell about it your friends, family ...etc, because every bit can help to be this campaign sucessfull.

    Here is the link of the campaign :

    Calhoot-A social calendar for your friends, family and fans. Never miss out | Indiegogo

    Paul Echols
    10-02-2013 06:01 AM

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