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    Create beautiful music on your phone or tablet.
    With the sequencer can compose music and you'll be proud to call their own work, and all with no musical experience! All you need is to press a finger to create an entire composition, which can be saved on our cloud service Step / Net.
    Sequencer is simple and affordable, as well as the results of their creations will surprise you and your friends. Even if you have never worked with music software or have never considered myself a musician ... Now it's time to prove yourself and create something great!
    Sequencer - for music creation
    Various tools lead, percussion, etc.
    8, pages 16 16
    Built in Content Manager (Step / Net)
    Adjustable Tempo
    Zooming and key at any time
    Adjustable reverb and delay effects
    Save and load your creations locally
    Add tracks in Step / Net
    Evaluate other people composition of cloud service Step / Net
    Now you can share your creations online with Step / Net! Integrated cloud sharing system.
    Share your songs with one click.
    How to use?
    Choose a variety of tools (INS) and percussion (PERC) on the right side. Additional options, where FX / Key / Scale and tone can be changed. Just play with it and you will see that it is very easy to use, once you learn how to use it.
    Have fun!

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