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    Hello I'm working to make a WYSIWYG code editor for android. Yes a little android spell book for creating magic on the fly basically you select what you want then it shows you the code or methods that you want then you cut and paste it directly to your editor
    My hope here is to get everyone to add to it!

    A grimore passed from wizard to wizard only to grow more powerful

    Can anyone do any cool spell book art for backgrounds .ect?

    New icon

    all code must be cut, paste, run ready
    Label java and XML codes

    Just put it in your post and I'll add it to the app I'll probably do this once a week or more (depending on replies)

    And anything eles when I think of it

    Oh yeah this is for fun so have fun!


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    04-16-2014 04:16 AM
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    05-04-2014 11:48 PM
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    Bump some more?

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    06-01-2014 09:27 AM

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