07-03-2016 10:15 AM
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  1. jkepler's Avatar

    I would really like to enter in programming applications for Android. I'm a software developer in VB6 and C++.
    Newbie question: where do I start? What software is there for this? What language?

    Sorry for my ignorance...

    Kind regards,

    06-04-2014 06:37 AM
  2. Francis Dufour's Avatar
    I recommend to start by having a look here : https://developers.google.com/
    Setup your computer to use Eclipse , android use Java coding

    Hope it helped a bit -_-

    Have fun!
    06-07-2014 11:35 AM
  3. saisyam's Avatar
    I think you should first start with some Java Basics before jumping into Android. Because Android is built on Java. If you are familiar with some mobile device programming (windows phone as you are from .NET) that will be bit helpful. Understand the Android architecture, for example, Android layouts, activities, different display sizes and their densities etc. Go to Android Developer website to get started. Welcome to Android programming
    06-18-2014 03:39 AM
  4. LastAtaman's Avatar
    You should start with Java studiyng first without a doubts!!!!!!
    Next step I recommend to start with these lessons: startandroid.ru/en/lessons/complete-list.html
    08-03-2014 05:50 PM
  5. jkmos's Avatar
    I just developed my first app with Eclipse.
    The last time I coded "something" was years ago. Eclipse is easy to use but sometimes you need to "clean" the code to save the project without errors.
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    08-04-2014 04:16 PM
  6. Nebulic's Avatar
    My tip would be just to Google a lot! Most of your questions are already answered and you can find even extra things you might not have thought about in the first place. Don't just copy/past but try to understand what you are doing.
    08-10-2014 09:52 AM
  7. manohar malkar's Avatar
    hello all
    i am php developer and wanted to learn android. and i am using android studio is that ok? because its still in beta version.... please help...
    also suggest me some good tutorial websites for android development....

    08-12-2014 08:20 AM
  8. DeprecatedSpecies's Avatar
    I think that we will all be using Android Studio soon enough. Eclipse is charming, but it is buggy, and I won't be heartbroken to let it go.

    I still learn best from books (ebooks). If you go to the Apress website and search for "android" then you are bound to find a title that suits your current experience.

    These offerings typically include software, and you build a project during the course of the book. You then have a framework to build upon. A framework that you understand (hopefully). I'm not associated with Apress, just pointing in a direction.
    08-15-2014 06:39 PM
  9. PowerLemons's Avatar
    If you have no knowledge or just a small amount of knowledge of Java, I recommend the book "Head First Java" by O'Reilly. I can't post links yet, so look it up on Google.

    For me, it was very helpful when I was learning Java. Even if you already get the basic concept of programming judging by your experience with C++, this book also teaches vocabulary, Java techniques and concepts, and that kind of good stuff.
    08-17-2014 01:21 PM
  10. DeprecatedSpecies's Avatar
    Also "Thinking in Java" by Bruce Eckel is a favorite, but "Head First Java" might be a better first approach. From there you can start with the peculiarities of Android, or continue in Java with "Head First Design Patterns" if you're into it.
    08-18-2014 09:29 PM
  11. Zinitter's Avatar
    May be you can try Cocos2d-x which using C++, try Google Cococs2d-x

    It support multi platforms.
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    08-20-2014 03:26 AM
  12. Zack Hine's Avatar
    You're going to have to learn Java first. Luckily, there are countless number of Java resources. If you want a book, just go on Amazon and search beginner Java books. You'll get plenty of results to keep you busy for a while. Android is in Java so once you have a solid understanding of Java moving onto Android won't be too difficult. Here's a good book for that:
    Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (Big Nerd Ranch Guides) <- Search Amazon

    Depending on what type of app you want to make, it's possible you'll need a server side language. You can use Java for server side as well, or you could learn something like PHP.
    08-24-2014 09:47 PM
  13. sekip's Avatar
    Learn Java. What IDE concerns I would have recommended to start with Android Studio but I use Eclipse since working with libgdx framework.
    08-26-2014 04:56 AM
  14. 12er's Avatar
    If you are going for the SDK, I would recommend learning Java. But as a C++ programmer you won't have problems to learn this language. I experienced that it was harder to learn C and C++ after getting acquainted with Java than the other way round. Start with small console programs, and learn about the major aspects of Java. After that have a look at the SDK.
    Or if you would like to get directly into working with Android, use the NDK. You can use C and C++ with the NDK.
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    08-29-2014 11:21 AM
  15. mrYoussef135's Avatar
    Here is the steps:
    1 - Learn Java language without Ui stuff (swing ...).
    2 - Start using android studio.
    3 - Start a project, event if you are a newbie , you will learn a lot by trying to create a real application more than what you can get from thousands of tutorials. (stackoverflow is your friend)
    3 - Keep c++ ready , since you will need it for native side.
    09-02-2014 09:27 AM
  16. fcmatteo's Avatar
    In the website "Kilobolt" (Google it) there are some great tutorials. In the game development tutorial the first unit is a good and quick introduction to Java. Then you can continue with that tutorial or with the libgdx tutorial if you want to make games, or with the Android application development tutorial if you want to make regular apps.
    09-03-2014 09:24 PM
  17. TypeOverride's Avatar
    I use

    Eclipse (Development environment)
    Java (programming language)
    Libgdx (API / GameEngine)

    Nice combi. I think a lot of people are using libgdx for 2D.

    Unity i would prefer when 3D. 2D is possible too now, ive heard.
    09-06-2014 10:08 PM
  18. Oleg.Derevenetz's Avatar
    I would really like to enter in programming applications for Android. I'm a software developer in VB6 and C++.
    Newbie question: where do I start? What software is there for this? What language?
    As C++ programmer, you can try to develop android apps with Qt. I tried it with Qt 5.3, and it works flawlessly. However, you'll still need some Java knowledge to call Java code from Qt (intents and so on) and may be some JavaScript knowledge if you choose to develop apps in Qt Quick.
    09-18-2014 11:01 AM
  19. Cenda's Avatar
    If you are game developer go to Unity, it is really awesome. For another application is great Android Studio. It is developed by google, so great support.
    10-24-2014 04:18 PM
  20. railkill's Avatar
    to program android apps for a start, download the Eclipse ADT bundle! if you have some experience in Java, you should be able to learn and progress quickly.
    10-24-2014 09:40 PM
  21. yamajirou's Avatar
    I would recommend you to learn java first too, if you understand the concept of Object-Oriented programming, then it will probably be easier since you already knows C++, but you can also use Unity3D as Cenda pointed out.

    I use
    Eclipse (Development environment)
    Java (programming language)
    Libgdx (API / GameEngine)
    High five! Same here.
    10-28-2014 01:22 PM
  22. Marat Zahidylin's Avatar
    If you want more quick results - use Unity game engine (it use C#, and if you familiar with C++ you will not have much problems).
    But if you have a lot of free time and love programing, you can use low level "things" and make your game from scratch:
    1)you will need basic understanding of differences between c++ and Java languages;
    2)read some Android development book or tutorial - to understand how Android SDK works;
    3)to read about OpenGl ES - if you want to make 3D games.
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    11-06-2014 02:43 PM
  23. vbovio's Avatar
    In case you are making games and want to stick to C++, I recommend you to use the NDK and follow the book "Beginning Android C++ Game Development". I ported my games to Android this way.
    11-07-2014 11:14 AM
  24. mz4Mobile's Avatar
    If you are planning to develop some games use some framework like corona sdk
    11-07-2014 11:14 PM
  25. KM-Games's Avatar
    I can also recommend Unity. It`s pretty simple to learn and there is a ton of guides and assets which helps you start with it.
    11-11-2014 07:47 AM
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