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    Hi guys,
    My name is Kiril and I'm part of a team creating tools that help developers to build Android applications faster. We'd like to introduce ourselves to the Android community with UI for Android - a collection of development tools for Android developers.
    I still can't post links so if you want to learn more about what we are working on, what's next or just say chat with me or the developers building the tools just send me a pm or ping me on +kirilstanoev or @kirilstanoev.
    If you're still curious what's included in UI for Android, you can read the announcement blog post or continue reading.

    Android Calendar
    A brand new Calendar control that supports:
    - Week, Month and Year Views
    - Displaying events and appointments in your application. It is as easy as creating a simple adapter and binding the calendar to it.
    - Single, Multiple and Range Selection. The developer can specify whether your application users can select only a single date, multiple dates or a range of dates.
    - Culture awareness – the Calendar can work with both the default device culture and a custom one set by the developer.
    - Special and Disabled Dates – a mechanism for styling each date cell.

    Android Charting Framework
    We've added many improvements since the beta release.
    - Performance and UI virtualization. The Chart displays only the points that are visible. Everything else that is out of the viewport is cached. This drives the memory consumption of your application down and makes the interaction with the app smooth. This enables scenarios that require displaying real-time streaming data.
    - Tooltip. The Chart supports several interaction behaviors, one of which is the Tooltip behavior that provides a way to visualize information about a specific data point. The developer has full control over the visual representation of the tooltip as well as what information the tooltip will display.
    - Trackball. Along with the Tooltip behavior, the Chart supports a Trackball behavior as well. This behavior displays a vertical line across the plot area as well as little visual indicators wherever the trackball line crosses a data point.
    - Pan & Zoom. Using the “Pan & Zoom” behavior the developer can enable his application users to zoom and explore dense data point areas. This behavior has been optimized for mobile development so moving the plot in any direction does not impact the performance of your app.
    - Financial Series and Financial Indicators. The latest addition to the Chart’s stock series are Ohlc (Open-High-Low-Close) and Candlestick. Developers can achieve more advanced scenarios by displaying financial indicators on top of the financial series. We already have a wide range of indicators - Moving Average, Bands, Momentum and Volatility but if you consider something missing, you can request it on our feedback portal: feedback.telerik.com/Project/158.
    - Selection. With this feature developers can enable their application users to interact with the data that is displayed.

    Android AppFeedback
    AppFeedback enables a two-way communication between the application developer and his application users. The control allows the developer to receive and store feedback from his application users on a dedicated cloud environment. To start receiving user feedback, all the developer has to do is connect the AppFeedback control to an AppFeedback project that is automatically created for the developer with his Telerik Platform account.

    Telerik UI Examples for Android
    Telerik UI Examples is a dedicated app that aims to show the developers some of the scenarios in which Telerik UI for Android can be used. Besides showing examples, the app takes advantage of the AppFeedback control so that you can provide your feedback straight to the developers working on the app.
    You can download the app from Google Play.

    I'd be glad to chat with anyone who feels like sharing his or her thoughts.
    06-24-2014 08:43 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing. Hope they do well in Play.
    06-24-2014 11:47 PM

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