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    Do you have a dynamic android app with a large user base but not much daily active users ? What if a 10 lines of code and a 20KB SDK can improve the user engagement of your app ?

    For many apps , push notifications has played a critical role to success . Push notification is a feature which is used by the apps to alert smartphone owners about the content updates , messages and other events regarding the app . The right and appropriate push messages can engage your users and skyrocket your active users graph .

    Imagine you have developed an app which is a catalogue of recipes . You have added a new recipe to your app but how will the user know about the new content which is added ? In traditional way the user has to open the app and check for new content regularly . But with the push notifications , you can let your users know about the new content as a new notification in their notification bar . Pretty simple and effective , isn't it ? Yes but it is hard to implement the push notification technology since it requires management of hundreds of thousands or even millions of devices . MobioPush is a service which enables the app developers to make use of push notification feature of android smartphones to improve the user experience and thus to drive in more daily active users .

    This platform allows app developers to completely take advantage of the push technology without going through the complexities of managing a secure backend . It stores your users details on its servers and allows you to send highly targeted push notifications to these users through a simple dashboard system . Developers can easily create targeted push notifications through the online notification composer . The service currently supports location targeting as well as language targeting .

    Mohammed , the co-founder of Mobio Global says that the mobiopush services will be soon extended to more more operating systems and the plugins for game engines will be released within a short time period .

    " BackEnd as a service providers are in dozens but MobioPush is more likely to help the small & medium app developers to generate more revenue from their apps through active user engagement " Says Navaneeth

    MobioPush is presently available for the developers through the website https://mobiopush.com .
    06-24-2014 11:52 PM

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