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    Softcard or ISIS wallet is growing popular way for payments through NFC. It is popular mostly because of the promotions it offers, unlike google wallet in which there is any promotions. Also to use softcard one requires to get a special secure sim card from the Carrier.

    Each carrier At&t, T-mobile and Verizon have their carrier specific apps in the Google Play store. These apps by default work only on the respective carrier devices.

    For someone with unlocked devices such as a AT&T handset on T-mobile network or vice versa, I see lot of users reporting that they can't make the app work in their unlocked handset.

    For example, T-mobile softcard app with a t-mobile secure sim card doesn't work in AT&T Samsung galaxy s3 (i747). In lot of posts, users write of changing device and model in build.prop to show as a T-mobile galaxy s3 (T999). But there is some other dependency, which doesn't make the app work in another carrier device. How to identify this? With root changing this should be easy.

    Can someone help to identify this? Thoughts?
    12-19-2014 01:54 AM

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