1. Ahmad Ayman's Avatar
    Well,my display screen is completely black by now.I have no access to touch screen.
    And my phone has got all my little sisters photos when she's only 1 years old and numerous precious pictures
    Also I have a pin lock and can't get past it cause I can't see the screen also can't even make random touches and it displays 0 items when connected to pc via usb .The problem is that my phone does not support OTG so no remote mouse is usable
    as for adb, i think usb debugguing is enabled.when i boot and connect the phone and type the command : adb devices it says device unauthorized.So I tried to boot into Philz recovery and get adb access but what happen is that my device is not recognized at all.List of devices is empty.
    Any suggestions?Or another method to get the photos from in there.
    PS:I think it also could be a recovery problem which dont let the device being recognized by adb.If another recovery offered rather than philz it would be great the problem is i cant find any for the galaxy grand neo i9060.
    05-16-2015 02:00 AM
  2. sop19971's Avatar
    Do you have an sd card for the phone?if so try downloading aroma file manager,its basically a file manager that you can run from recovery, just choose install zip from recovery to use it, because your touchscreen is broken i can't guarantee that it will work but it does also possess a terminal for command line operations so it might be worth a shot
    05-16-2015 02:07 AM

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