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    I'm no developer myself, but have tried to create this through android studio, but didn't manage to get close (yet), problem is that I need this app pretty soon and for someone with some know how this can't be that hard. So I hope some hobby developer can help me out, if it all works I'm willing to buy you a drink

    What I'm looking for is an camera app which sends pictures directy to my NAS.

    1. When the app starts, I would like it to use an existing camera app on the phone (preferred to start directy in camera mode, but else through button).
    2. Take picture, accept/decline picture, when accepted, save the picture on the device and send it though my NAS.
    3. Go back to camera mode.

    I want to learn from this so if it is possible to share it through android studio export it would be great!
    10-14-2016 02:03 PM

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