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    I have been looking everywhere and have not found exactly what I am looking for with this one. I am a beginner with android development but do have some experience and am looking to go into the topic more and more. I initially thought that the Tasker app would offer some help or a starting point, but not really. Would be interested in coding my own app or modify the rom to get this to work even, so I understand what needs to be done.

    Ideally I want this to happen to help ease the burden of callers that will blow up my phoNE> i.e. the same number calling over and over in a short period of time in hopes that the more they call the more likely I am to answer their call eventually if I was just silencing it before. So the same person on the same number calling over and over and over, very frequently. I want to be able to first off, silence it and/or send it to voicemail. I would be fine with it just being hung up on even. Just anything to make it so that it is not an annoyance and you have to silence the ringtone. And second, this would be icing on the cake, if you could then trigger a prefab message to be sent to them. Like, saying something like you are just busy for the moment but you acknowledge that they are trying to contact you and you will be back with them right away.

    I HAVE seen apps and settings that do the oppoiste of this. They will make your phone ring if it is on silent and someone calls over and over a few times. Like it is on Do Not Disturb mode, then an emergency caller can break the Do Not Disturb silence be calling back to back with 2 incoming calls.

    I am wiling to do anything from installing and app and punching in some settings, to writing a little bit of code.

    Please, any help would be much aprrectiated.
    02-28-2020 01:41 PM
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    Are these repeat callers someone you do want to eventually talk to, or are they robocallers who could be added to your reject/blocked list?
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    02-28-2020 02:59 PM
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    02-28-2020 06:10 PM
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    Hello guys, thanks for having me on the forum.

    To answer the question i would hust like to put the number on like a 15 min "time out" where they could call back after 15 min from the last time tgey tried to call. Every time they call it resets. So as to limit call frequency.

    So any number calls they can either have their call answered by me or i ignore/silence but if they attempt to call again withing 15 min of initially calling me it will auto silence them or just hang up their call. If they attempt to call within 15 min cool off being imposed then it resets timer to 0. To get their call to ring again they would need to wait at least that 15 min
    03-01-2020 10:55 PM

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