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    Okay all I got the Sw3 (I owned an Sw1 and 2 an lg g watch and a moto 360) I love wearables and buy all of them day one if possible.

    I was excited for the SW3 as I loved my SW2 feel wise and speed the 3 is awesome. But the screen leaves much to be desired... The whites are 100% yellow. I really hope someone else gets a good one so I know mine is a dud. I will be returning this one in a couple days. But please ask questions I did just open it a few minutes ago haha.

    Feel wise it feels great on the wrist and looks a lot better than I thought. Its very thin compared to other smart watches and is very fast. Here are some pics of the screen to show what I mean. As of now the screen kills the experience as next to my 360 it is just disappointing.

    Tried to do a run this morning and tried every fitness app and even tried My tracks from google in the market. No apps take advantage of the GPS in the watch.. Very upsetting..

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    Attached Thumbnails I have an Sw3 minor review inside, ask questions.-855.jpg   I have an Sw3 minor review inside, ask questions.-853.jpg   I have an Sw3 minor review inside, ask questions.-856.jpg  
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    10-31-2014 06:39 PM
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    Have you tried more runs with GPS. The only reason I an thinking about getting this is to use GPS for running.

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    11-16-2014 11:02 PM

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