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    I don't like the Google Phone app, it takes two clicks to see a contact's call history.

    One click to click on the line item, another click to click on "show history".

    The Samsung phone app that I had could do this in one click.

    I have spent the entire day trying a lot of phone and dialer apps.

    Most of them have ads, which is a no go.

    Easy Phone: Dialer & Caller ID by LSM Apps didn't have ads. But it couldn't understand my call history beyond a few days. It just showed them as unknown callers. Or just by their phone numbers.

    They did have one one click history.

    Right Dialer by Goodwy looked great. No ads. But if I scrolled past a certain point in the call logs, it crashed.

    I've tried 10-15 others, most had ads.

    There was something I didn't like about Simple Dialer, I forgot what now.

    I've also tried a few voicemail apps. Couldn't find a good one. Voxist seemed promising, but it had a weird generated greeting.

    Maybe there's a way to generate another greeting, or I could read one. But I uninstalled it.

    Plus I figure I should try to find a phone app I like first, as it may come with a voicemail app.

    AT&T Visual Voicemail: It says my PIN doesn't work.

    If I dial my own number, I'm entering the same PIN that I do then, that I did on the AT&T Visual Voicemail app.
    11-19-2022 08:30 PM
  2. J Dubbs's Avatar
    That's why I prefer pixels, the pixel phone app is in a league of it's own when it comes to automatically detecting/screening calls with the Google Assistant, and not even allowing spam callers to ring through unless they answer some valid questions. It's a godsend for taking care of spam/robocalls without you having to lift a finger. Plus it's extremely accurate at labeling spam, which makes it super easy to block and report. And the VVM transcription is awesome.

    Spam calls are a thing of the past on my pixels, only phone I can truly say that about

    It's so much fun to shut down spammers so easily.. it almost feels like cheating lol.
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    11-20-2022 03:38 AM

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