1. DanMagic's Avatar
    i am having trouble with my phone. Obviously.

    There are two problems that i think are linked.

    I cant download any apps, because it thinks my internal memory is full, when it isnt.

    And I moved a load of apps to a memory card, and then they were replaced by little icons showing a greyed image and a red sd card, presumably meaning the phone cant read them on the card.

    I have since formatted the card through the phone, and the icons are still there.Even though the apps are not.

    Now, i know an app doesnt completely move to sd card, that a lot of its data is still actually stored on the phone, my worry is, that the apps have been deleted, but bits of them are still on the phone?

    The apps do not list in the apps list, on the storage, and ive even istalled 3rd part uninstallers that also dont pick them up.

    I have been into the storage via laptop and deleted a folder names "obb" that seemed to have all the loose data, but the icons still show on my phone...

    Any suggestions?
    06-25-2015 07:59 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. Next time, before you format the card, move the apps back to the phone. Since they're not on the phone, and they're not on the card, they're not there. The icons are, but the apps aren't. And you can't uninstall icons, you can only uninstall apps.

    2. Back up everything you don't want to lose (see Backing up an Android Device) if you don't keep the phone backed up (which you should - you can't recover anything from a phone that's been driven over by a truck), then do a factory reset. (Don't try to back up your apps - if they back up at all, it's only garbage that's going to be backed up.) Then set the phone up (it should be about the same as when it came out of the box) and reinstall your apps. Then restore everything.
    06-27-2015 12:29 AM

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