1. Mathew Barber's Avatar
    I have had a Sony Xperia M4 Aqua for nearly 2 years now. For some reason in the last couple of weeks the phone seems unable to make a good connection to the mobile network, my wife's Samsung has a very strong connection to the same network in the same locations where the Sony appears to be struggling.

    I have tried hard resetting the phone with no discernable improvement.

    Does anybody have any ideas?
    07-16-2017 06:18 PM
  2. underway99's Avatar
    It's possible that your carrier has changed something with their network. You might start with contacting the carrier and verifying that your network configuration remains good. You could also ask them to replace the SIM -- you'd be surprised how often that fixes a network communication issue. Also consider uninstalling new apps, clear caches, etc. Reverse any recent changes that came along right before the network issues became apparent.

    Today's wireless phones are pretty reliable now. More often than not, these devices don't suddenly stop working because of a hardware issue. My initial suspicion is that your issue is software or configuration-related.
    07-16-2017 06:38 PM

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