1. keabk's Avatar
    So, I rooted my sony xperia s with a program called kingo root android yesterday.
    I later realized that my bootloader wasn't unlocked. But my phone doesn't have any problem with Superuser etc...
    I can reboot it as many times that I want and it is still rooted.
    BTW my sony xperia s can't have his bootloader unlocked...
    So, my question is: "Can I install a custom rom on my phone or not?"
    I'm really carefull because I don't want my phone to brick or anything, and I want to install Cyanogenmod on my sony xperia s.
    Any response is really great!
    PS: If you can help me with installing cyanogenmod on my phone, that whould be awesome!
    01-04-2014 06:43 PM

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