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    So i recently got an xperia z3 compact and wanted to test it out a little. I listened to spotify for approx 8 hours (which is a music streaming service) and I was amazed that the battery only went down 20% to 80%. What a great battery life this phone has I thought. By the battery statistics shows Spotify and screen as the top battery consumers, at around 20%. Phone idle and cell standby were the next top battery consumers. After having used the phone it has been left on standby with stamina mode on. I noticed that just in a couple of hours the battery went down 10%, which was weird since streaming music for 8 hours only dropped the battery by 20%. Now approx 17 hours later the battery is down to 20%. This seems strange given the small drop in battery after streamjnfg music. But what is really weird is that battery consumption statistics still says that Spotify and screen has drained the most battery, approx the same percentage as before with cell standby and phone idle following. But the batter has dropped from 80% to 20% whitout Spotify even being used and the screen turned off for most of the time. How is this possible? I have forced stopped Spotify and as far as I know I have no other battery draining processes running in the background, and if I had wouldn't this be shown in the power consumption statistics(battery usage)?
    03-07-2015 02:10 AM
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    1) Spotify is still running, even when you stop the music and hit the Home button. Use the Back button to stop it from running.

    2) Let the phone run the same way without charging it (or do this now, if you haven't charged it yet). Go to the battery page in Settings. Take a screenshot. Tap the graph on top to get to the next page. Take a screen shot. Create an account here. Add a post to this thread with the screen shots. How To Post Screenshots on Android Central

    3) Try to never let the battery run down past 40% if you want it to last.
    03-07-2015 07:47 AM

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