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    My one friend never receives my text messages, it started abut a month ago, she is the only one in my contact list that this happens to that I am aware of. I have tried deleting her contact than re adding it, deleted the conversation, than I tried restarting my phone, than factory reset, and nothing has worked, It is starting to get annoying, what can I do to stop this?
    I am using The Sony Xperia SP and she is using the Samsung Galaxy 3
    03-29-2015 03:33 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Call her voice. If that works, there are a few possibilities. (If it doesn't, and you can call her voice, she should talk to her carrier.)

    If she had been on an iPhone with the same phone number, and didn't disconnect the number from iMessage, your texts are going to iMessage, being sent to her phone and being ignored (since only iPhones can handle iMessages). If you recently switched from an iPhone, there could be some strange interaction between her phone and your old account (although I've never heard of it in that direction, but I hear of new things every day).

    Or it could still be a carrier issue - yours or hers. If both of you are at your carriers' tech support centers at the same time, they may be able to do a network trace on a text and see what's going wrong where (if they're willing to, and that depends on how good the particular store is on each end).

    This is definitely not a "push that button to fix it" kind of problem.
    03-29-2015 07:10 PM
  3. oneeyecarpenter's Avatar
    It may be she is blocking them. Does she recieve your calls? Or are you using Apple and she using Samsung? Because Samsung blocks text messages from Apple. Ask her to check her spam folder,and if they are there,then she needs to change the spam setting not to block.
    03-29-2015 07:10 PM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    Or are you using Apple and she using Samsung? Because Samsung blocks text messages from Apple.
    Only if they're sent as iMessages - then they're not blocked, they're ignored, because only iPhones have software that's aware of what an iMessage is. (Apple won't license the format to anyone.) If they're sent as SMS from an iPhone to a Samsung phone, they'll work fine. (I just sat at supper, watching my daughter texting back and forth from an Android phone to her boyfreind, who's on an iPhone. [And, no, I'm not disciplining a 40 year old woman in front of her teen-aged sons - they know they're not allowed to have turned-on phones at the table - and her boyfriend is on a job a few hundred miles from here for another month or so.])
    03-29-2015 07:14 PM
  5. msm0511's Avatar
    Samsung blocks text messages from Apple.
    Are you sure about that?
    03-30-2015 10:35 AM

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