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    Hey guys,

    I didn't find a specific sub for the Sola model so here we go:
    - The phone worked pretty well for quite a long time until it failed.
    - Currently the phone can't start at all. Then you hold the power button it goes into a startup loop where it shows the initial logo, vibrates and then the screen turns black and repeats all of this until either the battery dies or you hold all three buttons.
    - The phone charges its battery without any problems when it's off and simply plugged in the wall outlet.
    - I can't boot into the recovery (vol down + power) as it goes in the same power-on loop. Same happens with any button combination.
    - All of this happens regardless if the phone is plugged in the charger or not.

    My questions are:
    - Is there any point in opening the phone, getting the battery out for a hard reset and memory wipe?
    - Can anything be done through a computer (plugging the phone and somehow tweaking in the firmware of the phone)?
    - Can this be a hardware issue and if yes - what specifically?

    I'd appreciate any and all suggestions and comments. If you need photos or any additional information I'd be more than happy to provide it.


    PS: This is not my phone so I'm not entirely sure about how it was used (drops, water damage, etc.) but it as far as I'm told it hasn't suffered any damage and it does not have any traces of it (it's my mom's old phone).
    11-13-2015 09:36 AM

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