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    Does anyone else know where we can get more small apps for the TL? Besides the notes, calc, record and timer that come preinstslled there's only a one on the play store - web view, which is a small browser and its amazing (highly recommended).

    I remember seeing I think for the S tablet Sony had some others for ISC but I'm not sure if these would work for the TL or not.

    Also, I remember seeing a function of another Xperia smartphone, I think it was the Go but I don't remember now, that I think would be really cool and useful for the TL. There's a feature in the settings list for advanced power management when in standby mode that helps increase overall battery life. I ended up trying to install it to my TL and it almost worked lol. I got it to show up in my settings list but when I tried to enable the option my phone crashed and got stuck in a boot loop. I recovered it thankfully but I was wondering if its possible to port this option to the TL

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    12-05-2012 04:24 PM
  2. richey_valentine's Avatar
    Best bet is to root your phone and flash another stock Rom on there you can find it on XDA Xperia T you will get the run down of what to do and trust me it's well worth it.
    Ps when you do and you run a T rom like me Timin8rs XperimenT you can get like 5 more small apps including one for Facebook
    12-27-2012 10:05 AM

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