1. mrinc's Avatar
    Hello guys,

    I have an issue and I wanted to know if anyone could shed some light on a quick fix.

    I have 3 charging devices, 2 wall blocks and 1 car USB.

    1 block runs at 2A and the other 1.5A, the car USB runs at 1.2A.

    I have 3 different types of USB cables.

    1x Sony original one, 1x Blackberry, 1x no name brand.

    When I plug the Sony cable into any one of these chargers, it charges the phone quickly.

    If I use any other cable, it either doesn't charge or just heats up the charge (Very worrying).

    I wanted to know what I should do to make the other cables work as I can't buy a Sony cable from shops, no one sells them.

    01-10-2014 04:08 PM
  2. sauce_a_poutine's Avatar
    Had that problems on my previous phone with many cables, but those didn't show until I started being wreckless.

    I think damage was incurred on the connector's contacts from using a corroded cable too often. The cable "lived" permanently connected in a truck, and got muddy on the floor a few times when not plugged into the phone. I cleaned it up like anyone would, using a cloth and then blowing inside the connector to get some of the crap out. When the phones started acting up and being particular about the cable used, I stopped using this cable, and any that wouldn't work, and bought a few premium cable that I had tested at the stored prior to purchase.

    Now you may simply have damaged cables on your hands, but whatever the case, I recommend not using anything that needs "fidgeting" to work. If it doesn't work, don't use it or buy It.

    In my case, I dumbly insisted an one day, while at work, my phone just wouldn't take a charge anymore, so I had to take time off in a mad dash to get a new phone so I would be able to retrieve my data prior to it's battery dying, taking my precious data along with it. Needless to say, my boss was not impressed, and neither was my wallet....

    Good luck.
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    01-10-2014 04:28 PM

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