1. jcdub's Avatar
    I'm trying to device between the ZX and the oneplus 3t. Similar specs but Sony is waterproof and a better camera but 3t is a lot cheaper.
    Any advice appreciated.
    P.S Coming from a Nexus 6P
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    01-24-2017 10:29 AM
  2. NightOrchid's Avatar
    I was also in your shoes today, but Ive settled on an XZ, because...

    - Camera is stunning since Laser AF, Light Spectrum sensor and 5-axis EIS/DIS.. Still no OIS though, but I dont find that an issue on the XZ, the 6P did great without OIS
    - Camera now has Shutter Speed added to Manual mode, yet White Balance doesnt use a Kelvin Scale, you can
    - Speakers on the XZ are improved, yet IMO still struggle to give a decent ringtone/Notiy volumes... XZ speaker are VERY good... but No where near the power of the 6P speakers
    - Sony UI even more stock since 7.0 update, even includes Google Now as a screen
    - Screen is excellent for a 1080p and REALLY vright
    - Its a 2900MAH Battery, but Ive heard of people getting 1 - 2 days or moderate use
    - XZ has SD Card slot
    - 5.2" screen rather than 5.5" might feel like a toy if your coming from a 6P..

    I considered the 3T as well, but it was the vastly improved camera and audio that swung me to the XZ..
    If you can try both, but i like SONY devices

    Feel free to ask anymquestions
    03-18-2017 06:39 PM

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