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    Hi. I have set up ADB on my Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact by using Home-brew commands on my Mac's Terminal, Installed TWRP and unlocked the boot loader on the phone. I have Android file transfer installed, so I guess I am good to go with installing a custom ROM? (Never done this before). What would be the best source for a Google Pixel look? I have been to the Pixel Experience site and it has the XZ1 Compact listed as 'supported' but when I click on the link it says Pixel 10 has been 'Discontinued' for this phone. It shows Pixel 11 Beta underneath but when I click on that it just says 'No files uploaded. Please check back soon.' Can you suggest a site where I can get the Pixel look (with an OS is ideally updated for this phone)? Secondly, once I have found a ROM I am good to go with, do I need to install Magisk first? (Consfused on whether this needs to be rooted through Magisk or whether the install ROM will be part of the process in rooting)? I have Android File Transfer on my Mac now, so once I have downloaded the custom ROM, which file gets dragged to where on the Android File Transfer folders? Thanks in advance.
    07-12-2021 04:13 AM

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