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    Hey Android Fans :P I just had a quick question about this phone
    (I am going to cross post this in a couple of other devices).

    I haven't used an Android Phone since like the Galaxy S3(Well I briefly used a HTC One/Nexus 4 for like a couple of days) and I actually dislike Android with a Passion.

    However, my little brother has been using android(Droid RAZR HD) for awhile now and my Mother has been saying she wants to get off Verizon and go with something cheaper like T-mobile.

    My brother has been looking at the LG G2, Sony Xperia Z and HTC One as potential phones. I was going to recommend him to get a Lumia like I have(1020) BUT....I also know that Lumia may not have certain apps he likes and I don't feel like dealing with complaining 24/7 about "Why does this phone not have the app my old phone did"

    With the Xperia Z are there any issues I should look out for as far as Camera Quality, Battery Issues, Wifi Issue, Reception or anything like that?

    I do dislike Android but if i had to get an android phone I actually love the Xperia Z look and feel(the purple one) and I kind of hope he chooses this one lol
    11-02-2013 11:43 PM

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