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    So I just bough a brand new Z1 compact but battery lasts half what is supposed to, and drains a lot even if the phone is idle. I have updated to the latest kitkat .157 build and have performed a repair of the OS through sony companion but the problem persists.

    Stamina mode is always on, location is off, brightness is close to the lowest setting and auto sync is off. The phone has stayed mostly iddle except occasional browsing, facebooking and mild gaming.

    Excessive Battery Drain-export.jpg
    Excessive Battery Drain-screenshot_2014-11-21-20-46-25.png
    Excessive Battery Drain-screenshot_2014-11-21-20-45-49.png
    Excessive Battery Drain-screenshot_2014-11-21-20-46-35.png

    Is this normal? What should I do?
    11-21-2014 02:55 PM

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