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    I just posted about having ordered the version now officially available in Sony's US store, but noticed something worth a separate post, IMO. In the AC review there's a picture of the back of the Z1 that shows the camera right at the corner, and the reviewer comments on that. However, the picture of the back of the version now available in the Sony store shows the camera in a different location:

    Location of camera on back changed for US version?-sony-z1-us-back.png

    The store link is here. Their part # for it is XZ1C6902PL

    So did Sony just associate the wrong back photo with the Z1, or did they actually move it for the US version?
    10-15-2013 03:10 PM
  2. karmamule's Avatar
    Someone on another thread I was discussing this pointed out there's no flash, and thought it was the Z Ultra. If so, too bad, as I think I'd prefer this position.
    10-15-2013 03:59 PM
  3. Waitzar's Avatar
    That look like the picture of Z Ultra. Also, if you notice there is no dedicated camera button. Z1 has Power button, Volume button and a dedicated Camera button (near at bottom) on the right side of the phone.
    10-17-2013 08:50 AM

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