1. LilLadyPants's Avatar
    Hello All -

    Looking for a little help...
    I have a Z1 Compact and was having issues with transfering music to me SD card. To start with alot of the songs would show but wouldnt play, then i had an issue with the songs just not transfering. I have since brought a SONY SD Card as i was told this would resolve the issue but now some of my album folders have split into two so i have 6 songs in one folder and 8 in the other.....is there any reason for this? and can i fix? ....i know it doesnt seem like the end of the world but i find it untidy lol

    05-02-2014 07:28 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! It may have to do with the ID3 tags associated with the individual tracks. If some of the tracks have certain tag information that is different than the other tracks, they might get split up. Use something like Windows Media Player, iTunes, or some ID3 tag editor to inspect each track.
    05-03-2014 12:10 AM
  3. LuvMusic's Avatar
    What version of Android are you running on your Compact and what player app are you using? The reason I ask is because I had a similar problem on my Nexus 7 (2013) running KitKat (4.4) and Poweramp.

    The root of the problem was KitKat. Google changed the directory / file structure in KitKat to include a duplicate / backup image of the files and structure . Poweramp was reading both images. I solved the problem by going into Poweramp, accessing the file search options and unchecking the box associated with the duplicate image. This excluded the backup "partition" from the search and everything returned to normal.

    Hope this helps.
    05-03-2014 08:40 AM

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