1. Afterlife737's Avatar
    So I have a new Xperia Z1 C6903 and I want to root it. I have the new .108 firmware and am having trouble finding root guides and toolkits I want to install Cyanogenmod so do I need to unlock my bootloader or not ?? Any guides ?

    Thnx in advance
    08-08-2014 03:51 PM
  2. Zain Daboul's Avatar
    Don't destroy your phone

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-20-2014 08:44 PM
  3. Lsddreamer's Avatar
    Your best bet would be towel root. Yes you will have to unlock your bootloader cyanogenmod runs on a non stock kernel. But first root. Backup your ta partition then unlock your bootloader otherwise you will loose all your drm keys. So if you later want to lock your bootloader you will need the ta partition
    08-28-2014 06:28 PM
  4. anon(9080124)'s Avatar
    09-11-2014 09:24 PM

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