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    Hi. I have a sony z1, i just updated my software and decided to play around with it and change settings, while doing so i decided to change my usual passcode to a pattern passcode. immediately after i lock and unlock, it says password incorrect. even though im almost 100 percent sure i did the exact pattern. Anyway, i searched online and it said the only way i could do it with the latest software is by factory resetting, therefore losing all my data. I panicked and locked the phone using the "my xperia" service, which i accessed using my google account, figuring there would be a way for me to unlock it that way. Now, that seems to be totally impossible. Someone please help me lol.
    10-12-2015 03:20 AM
  2. miner_films's Avatar
    Does your Xperia backup to your Google account? if so then anything you would have installed via the Google Play Store will be reinstalled if you do a hard reset (factory reset). Now assuming that you do keep your images,pics,photos,music and other files on your SD card then you won't have a problem with those files, however with your games or apps you have installed you might be able to salvage some important data. That is if you have done a backup, for social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, Android Central, YouTube,Instagram, etc) then you don't need to worry so much about these as all you would have to do would be is reinstall them and then sign-in again. For games its not quite the same process, if you have to sign-in to your Google account or have the option to or have the option to sign-in to Facebook or another account then once you've signed in all of the progress you had made will be restored, for games where there is no account sign-in or no way to retrieve your progress then unfortunately you have to start over again.

    Before you perform a hard reset, i ask that you please connect your device up to a computer and backup what's on your phone. You should be able to save your data this way, that's if its not backed up somewhere else. Also i wouldn't consider the situation you are in as a joke.
    10-12-2015 04:01 AM

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