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    I can no longer be silent. I was irritated by my iPhone 5s having a small screen and my spouse and I had different service providers so it was time to switch carriers and go on one plan to save money. Why not try out an Android? Samsungs TouchWiz looks cheap along with their materials. The T-Mobile Representative recommended the Xperia and I loved it. But then reality set in. The very first thing I notice is that the Xperia z1s doesn't notify you during standby mode. It only shows a red or blue dot. Sure I downloaded a notifier app, but it wasn't reliable and it didn't give many details. Then I noticed that this battery is not nearly as good as the iPhone. People love to blame Sony. But in reality it's the software - Android. Android is a lot like Microsoft Windows. It crashes a lot and is completely unreliable. Will the phone make a sound when I get a text or Facebook message? Maybe, depends on the day. Why do Americans choose Android over iOS? They are the same price. Samsung S5, Sony Xperia z1s, and the iPhone are all about $700. Google has Americans convinced Android is better because it's" customizable " Why because you can root it? Android is for hackers and computer nerds. Just like Microsoft Windows. The blogs and internet reviewers are nerds too and love their fellow nerds so they give Android phones better reviews than Apple. Why is the Samsung S5 the same price as iPhone? I mean Google pretty much makes their software. And the S5 is made of cheap plastic and a crappy biometric scanner. Really, all Android phones should be decreased in price by half. Apple has to make a quality phone and software that does not crash and is reliable. So what if you can't root it. Android is so buggy because there are so many versions for so many phones. My Xperia z1s battery started overheating because Android has so many processes going on. It's not because Sony doesn't have enough RAM. And why can't Android users post to multiple Facebook friends? Why is it only on iPhone? Does Apple pay Facebook for the feature? Apple, do not lower your price. I should be punished for my disloyalty. I will only have to pay $135 in September for the iPhone 6 due to T-Mobile Jump program and I didn't pay a cent for the Xperia so now was a perfect time for this important lesson. The Xperia z1s is actually the most powerful and luxurious phone. Even more than iPhone. But with Android it is worthless. I'm sorry Sony that you have to use Android. Maybe Sony can just make it's own software that can run Android apps? Or just pour millions into a glitch free and reliable Android software version. But I doubt that's possible. I am in disbelief that no Android customers talk about Androids issues. Everyone is in denial. Even Apple people are in a daze. If I were Apple I would do commercials commenting on Androids flaws. And at the end show the old Microsoft Windows ME logo and say, "Remind you of anything?"
    07-03-2014 02:58 PM
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    Wow. The most clueless person to ever turn on a smartphone. Valuable insights there.
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    07-03-2014 10:08 PM
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    How have you had bad battery? I can literally go an entire day on one charge with heavy use.

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    07-05-2014 08:24 AM

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