1. TrainRain's Avatar
    As the Z2 is delivered with only 16GB and even less actually usable I want to buy a SD card to expand this.
    I have never before owned an android device and I am therefore not familiar with how the devices benefits from having faster cards rather than average performing ones. I have decided to go with a 32GB card as I do not need more and I am going to use it mainly for photos and videos. I have read a lot about microSD cards and have chosen three different "candidates" for a possible purchase and those are:
    1. SanDisk Extreme PLUS microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-I Memory Cards
    2. SanDisk Extreme microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-I Memory Cards
    3. SanDisk Ultra microSDHC and microSDXC UHS-I Cards

    Is it worth buying the card that can read/write 80MB/50MB (the Extreme Plus, costs more than twice as much as the Ultra)?
    Would I even notice much of a difference?

    Thanks in advance!
    03-25-2014 10:57 AM
  2. zedorda's Avatar
    Speed for an SD card means near nothing to the phone but to computer you put it in can mean the difference in huge wait times to just minutes. So just make sure its the fastest your computer can read while still being compatible to your phone which you will find is not an easy task.

    I have 6 UHS-1 cards that don't work on half my devices and 3 other UHS-1 that only work on the other half and really there is no indication as to why.

    I won't buy slower than 20MB/s if I could help it. Any faster than 40MB/s on cards smaller than 64gb just isn't worth imo.
    03-25-2014 11:13 AM

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