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    • Screen - noticeable improvement here, colours are much more deep and rich, viewing angle of the Full HD IPS Panel is by far better than the Z1's TFT Panel.
    • Speakers - Big improvements here. Dual front-facing stereo speakers position at the top x1 and the bottom x1 of the phone. It has a nice surround feel to it, and is much louder than the HTC One's BoomSound. As for the sound quality, the HTC One's BoomSound still takes the lead.
    • 4K Recording - Works like a charm with no lag, also noted that the micro stuttering of moving objects that pledge the z1's video samples are now gone. Moving objects/subjects now seem less artificial.

    • The Screen Protector found on both front and back sides of the Z1 has been dropped/abandoned, and there's full access to the shatter proof tempered glass now. The "SONY" logo is now part of the tempered glass rather than any SP as seen in the Z1.

    Xperia Z2 4K UHD Video Samples in a Montage: (If you enjoyed this video please hit the "Like" button in YouTube, as every "Like" received will help accumulate points for Project Happy Feet. SONY will donate up to $SGD 1000 to help improve living conditions of Cats if the number of "Likes" accumulated by 3rd of April reaches their goal.)

    RAW Video Samples:
    May upload

    Photo Samples: (If you like my samples please do not hesitate to "Like" them in facebook as every "Like" i receive per photo in that album, will help Project Happy Feet (which would help cats lead a better life). SONY will donate up to $SGD1000 if the number of "Likes" accumulated by all 20 participants meets their goal by 3rd of April 2014)
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