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    I started off with a Blackberry Storm which may be surprising since I've been a tech geek for such a long time but it really took me a long time to get into the smartphone world. Next was the Motorola Photon, this was when I was introduced to Android. I really liked that phone, loved the kickstand. Then I got gobbled up by the hype and got a Galaxy S3 and continued on with the Galaxy S4, decent phones and I really do like the camera on the S4 but so much lame bloat that didn't really work. Sounded neat but trying to use it was a pain.

    I think, and this is with just a short time with my Z2, that I have found a perfect phone. I love the heft, makes me realize I'm holding something. The front facing speakers are very nice indeed. Waterproof! Heck, awesome, I've wanted to take so many photos when it was raining that could have been awesome shots, now I won't be afraid to. Purple! Sorry I'm a Vikings fan and it does not really apply lol, still I dig purple as my favorite color too. I love the feel in the hand, once again this goes to "you know you have something in your hand and will not just let is slip out", I don't think I'm getting that point across right so sorry.

    That huge LED notification is so sweet! Gives me a TRON feeling . I also like the magnetic dock connector.

    Thank you to the forums as I believe it was where I was directed to the information on how to get my phone set up on AT&T's network properly. I thought it was going to take me all night and it was only about 15 minutes and that was only because peeps were bugging me about how awesome my phone looked.
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    06-05-2014 11:54 PM

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