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  1. darigaaz12's Avatar
    So I took my Z2 to Las Vegas with me last week and it worked like a champ in the pools. The camera did overheat a few times since it was 110-115 degrees out but a quick dunk in the pool or in some ice solved that. In hindsight, the ice may not have been the best idea due to the rapid heat exchange but my phone works perfect still with no warping body or cracked glass after doing that three times.

    This phone seems a lot more durable than previous z's. Props to Sony. Here's one of the many pics I took, this was superior auto.

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    Attached Thumbnails Las Vegas and my z2-1404916696472.jpg  
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    07-09-2014 09:38 AM
  2. Duncan1982's Avatar
    Yeah I would expect some possible cracks with the temperature variations lol

    But all credit to Sony, and the Z2 done well in the drop test done over at Android Authority.

    Looks nice n hot in las Vegas :-)

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    07-09-2014 03:49 PM

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