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    I just switched from iPhone 5 to the z2 and so far I've been really pleased. They only thing I'm disappointed with is the noise cancelation. I've tried several different kinds of headphones, and so far they all do a really poor job canceling out the noise of the equipment I work around. (iPhone canceled out all background noise)

    If I disconnect the headphones, the phones noise cancelation works exactly as it should, my equipment can't be heard by other parties on the phone. As soon as they're plugged back in, they're met with all the noise again. Is there any way I can keep the background noise cancelation technology on while talking on the phone? I know the phone says its only available with sonys new headphones they try to sell with this phone, but I'm unable to use that particular kind due to the placement of the microphone. (mic needs to able to placed directly under my mouth in order for others to hear me best while on the phone)

    Thanks in advance for any ideas and replies.

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    07-30-2014 07:49 AM

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