1. darigaaz12's Avatar
    Hey everyone

    I had to send my phone in for the magnetic port being loose. I had the international (Chinese) version which should be the exact same as the US unit. It took 4 weeks to get my phone back. I believe this was because they didn't have parts available (phone was just recently released in the US) and they were out of stock for new phones. As soon as they got stock in they sent me a brand new unit, a sealed retail package.

    Good and bad service though. There is a big disconnect from the Indian call center and the US repair center. Didn't quite know what was going on until I got my phone back... Pleased overall but it did take too long.
    09-14-2014 12:14 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Thanks for letting us know about your experience. At least you have a shiny brand new unit!
    09-14-2014 12:59 PM

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