1. Ajarn Spencer Littlewood's Avatar
    Completely disappointed with Lollipop especially with the fact that the swipe screen to unlock the phone only works swiping up from bottom of screen, whereas in Kit-Kat, is worked swiping sideways or in any direction including diagonal.
    I don't call that an improvement, i call it a move backwards, and destruction of one of Xperia's most attractive features.
    The double tap to wake only works on about the fifteenth double tap resulting in pressing the power button being the faster option too. What do other people thin to this? or how is it on your Xperias?
    05-01-2015 12:59 PM
  2. Saeed Okoroji's Avatar
    I agree with u on the double tap. It's so unreliable that km looking at apps which can take over this function. Any recommendations?

    As for the lockscreen u could always get a 3rd party lockscreen
    05-01-2015 01:03 PM
  3. gunzkevin's Avatar
    I personally enjoy the new lock screen. You can see notifications easier this way, and can swipe them away without having to go into your phone.
    Also, to swipe, I don't think having to go up is an unnatural direction for me. That is always the way I unlock my phone. And it doesn't have to be perfectly up, it will follow the radius of your thumb. As long as you have a little upwards direction, it will register it even if you go off screen.

    For double tap, I used to hate it. But, all you have to do to make it work 90+% of the time, is double tap in the exact same location. And if it doesn't work, wait one second with no touches on the screen, then try again. The accuracy of the double tap needs to be very high to have it work.

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    05-01-2015 11:11 PM

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