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    Hi I recently updated my xperia z2 phone from 4.4.2 KK to 5.0.2 (23.1.A.1.28) first did the installation without wiping the data but after that i made factory reset both from phone and from Recovery deleting all user data . Before that (i don`t know if that is with the problem) i installed Signature verification allways true patch from Lucky Patcher and after that removed it . Everything is perfect with the phone except the strange issue that happens when i restart or turn off and then turn it on again.
    When i do it- first this happens -(the attached image) - it shows all the apps that i moved to the sd card like that with red circle with sd card symbol in the upper right corner and no app icons and after couple of seconds it loads them somethimes, all of them - but somethimes it shows only those which are on internal memory and after a restart it loads them all without a problem but it deletes all the data on the sd card except the app data ( of those which i moved to the sd card with the lolipop function and with Folder Mount). All the pictures, movies, music, e-books and more are deleted but the app data is not ... and the phone is doing that sometimes not all the time. When the Picures, music and so on are deleted i`m putting them back on the sd card again and couple of restarts there is no problem loading the apps or deleting the data on the sd card ... but after that it happens again and deletes my information ... but only pictures books music movies .. . I`m using TDK 32 GB micro sd Fat 32 formated - i tried ntfs but the z2 doesn`t recognises it .. the sd card is tested with H2Testw and its ok and i didnt had any problems, when i was using 4.4.2 KitKat .
    Thanks in advance for the help )
    06-12-2015 05:44 AM
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    Sorry, we don't allow discussion about Lucky Patcher. Thread closed.
    09-01-2017 09:57 PM

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