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    I just ordered and received the new Sony Xperia Z3 Compact D5803 phone from Singapore. I am moving from iphone 5 and, long story short, this phone is way, way, way better than the iPhone 5 and much better than my wife's iPhone 6 (speed, battery life, Hi-Res audio, cheap 128gb, just some of the advantages)

    Here are some of the concerns that most of people looking at the phone, including me will have: will the Z3 compact work on AT&T LTE network in the US?
    I took the leap of faith and ordered the phone. I made my initial mistake and went to my local ATT store and asked for a new sim card. They gave me the card, activated the phone, and no LTE. I was getting H+, albeit at speeds 15mbps.

    I called ATT tech support and was told the IMEI number matches but the device itself or the manufacture is not recognized by ATT, so they cannot guarantee that it will work. In addition, the visual voicemail would not work either, and ATT tech told me it cannot be fixed.

    So given the hardware and software support the network, it had to be the IMEI number. I asked them to switch the sim back to my old iphone5 IMEI. Guess what? after they did this, I restarted the phone and LTE popped up and started working. Visual voicemail works fine as well now.

    SOOOO, if you get this phone, you need to either transfer your current ATT nano-sim into the device without calling in your new IMEI- and it should work fine. Or, you need to register the sim onto a know ATT support LTE device IMEI, after you do this put the sim into the Z3 compact, and it should work fine.

    Hope this gives some enlightenment to potential buyers.
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    10-02-2014 09:50 PM
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    It depends on who you talk to and if they know what they are doing. When I had my Galaxy S3 (GT-9300), I told them y Z2 IMEI and they were able to put me on the LTE network as they were able to pull the info up. This was back in May, before Z2 came to Canada and the US.
    10-02-2014 09:58 PM
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    I was told by the AT&T rep at the store (I needed to get a new sim as well, as the Z2 uses a micro) that the IMEI from the iPhone 5 I had laying around would not work well because of some way that AT&T provisions iPhones differently. I had no way to verify this so I reluctantly gave him the IMEI from the Z3c and I ended up with the same problem (no LTE) initially. I later called and spoke with a guy at tech support and he said there may indeed be an issue with the IMEI from the Z3c on their system, so I mentioned I had an old iPhone 5 laying around and he told me the same thing the guy at the store told me. I ended up using the IMEI from my Z2 and it worked fine, but the past couple days, I've been intermittently getting some SMS messages way late. I put the sim back in the Z2 and texts are coming thru on time. I'm now wondering if it's due to an IMEI issue. Wondering if I call AT&T and use the iPhone 5 IMEI, and then put that in the Z3c, if it will fix the SMS delay problem. Are you having any issues receiving texts on time?
    10-03-2014 03:01 AM
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    10-04-2014 03:56 AM

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